Implementation of webex meetings at industry association during Covid-19

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Industry: Industry Assocation

Solution: Collaboration 


Due to the COVID-19 social distancing measures restricted close contact, leaders at a non-profit industrial industry association, saw a need to continue to have meetings in person, so kicked off a project to adopt the use of collaboration tools.


The project consisted of facilitating the remote work of the associations’ leaders, as well as making secure all collaborative work platforms available in the cloud. The organisation relied on CoasinLogicalis to select a collaboration tool that would meet their needs and be met safely. Cisco Webex Meeting was proposed, a standard for collaborative solution and virtual meetings, using the cloud platform as this version did not require physical servers and had a strong focus on security. As the customer did not have experience of this type of collaboration tool or its operation, the only challenge during implementation related to end user experience – so the scope of the project was broadened to take account of this Industry: Industry association Solution: Collaboration Implementation of webex meetings at industry associationduring Covid-19


  • Improved productivity through easier communication and collaboration.
  • Platform compatible and data protected ensuring meetings were safe and secure.
  • Easy to use platforms meant the solution was easy for the industry association to adopt.