Empowering Operational Transformation A Case Study of a Progressive County in the USA


Global, Aug 2, 2023


Facing challenges with an ageing network infrastructure and a reduced network team, this progressive county in the USA sought to modernize its operational service delivery model to ensure 24x7x365 network coverage and improved security.

Challenges and Objectives

  1. Modernization of the county's dated network infrastructure.
  2. Establishment of a 24x7x365 network coverage system.
  3. Addressing the deficit in the network team and ensuring improved network security.
  4. Streamlining internal procurement processes for the rapid implementation of network refreshes


Through its alliance with Logicalis, the county has undergone a radical transformation in its operational service delivery, securing an unyielding network operation round the clock. This strategic partnership has addressed immediate concerns and paved the way for futuristic technological innovations.

With a revamped IT framework, the county is positioned to cater to its ever-growing populace and spearhead progress for generations ahead. The commendable transformation is a testament to Logicalis' dedication and unwavering commitment to facilitating stellar services, ensuring the county's network infrastructure is future-ready.


Logicalis, a renowned IT solutions provider, stepped in as the county's chosen partner for this overhaul. Beginning with a comprehensive Network Assessment, the county swiftly recognized the unmatched value that Logicalis' 24/7 managed services brought to the table. This realization culminated in a 60-month Network Managed Services contract.

Ensuing collaborations gave birth to a revamped Cisco Network equipment list and Logicalis' hallmark Professional Services. In tandem, these initiatives equipped the county with a formidable network infrastructure.

The Operational Service Delivery model, fortified with 24x7x365 support, acted as the antidote to the county's network team challenges. By providing enhanced visibility and steadfast support, the county was better positioned to intercept and address network challenges and vulnerabilities.

Logicalis' choice to employ the Tech Data|Synnex Federal GSA Contract was a masterstroke in this transformation. This strategic move significantly expedited the procurement process, enabling the county to shed layers of bureaucratic internal procurement procedures. The rapidity of the network refresh, combined with managed services, liberated the county to turn its energies towards its primary missions.

Building on the momentum of this early success, the relationship between Logicalis and the county deepened. Their combined endeavours are now channelled towards additional managed service ventures, such as the pioneering implementation of Secure On Mesh. Moreover, the duo is exploring a hybrid cloud project for the county's data centre and orchestrating a network design product acquisition for an upcoming project.


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