IBM (Logicalis SMC)

, Apr 29, 2015

The customer
An international pharmaceutical company with sites in 150 countries outsourced its IT Service Management to IBM. IBM brought in Logicalis SMC to help streamline the ITSM landscape, including with ServiceNow.

The challenge
Project Manager Piet Hoens of IBM: “They worked with separate configuration, change and change approval tools. That resulted in mismatches, old data and confusion. The goal was to improve efficiency and flexibility in ITSM for the customer at a worldwide level. We’re talking about 70 countries, each with their own tools and processes.”

The solution
“Logicalis SMC recommended that we use ServiceNow, an innovative ITSM SaaS solution. Incident Management, Change Management, Configuration Management and to some extent Request Management were reconfigured and realigned to each other. Service levels were also defined, and a user portal was created, making the ITSM environment much faster and more convenient for users.”

The benefits
“The tool is now used worldwide by 3,500 users, to everyone’s entire satisfaction. The objectives have been met, including in terms of costs. Everything runs much more smoothly and we’ve eliminated manual work and the flow of forms between submitting a request and execution. There’s more cohesion, better compliance and higher quality in terms of data and the delivered services.”

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