Addressing Communication Challenges for an International Copper Producer

open cast mine

Global, Mar 7, 2024

The Customer: 

Our client, a major player in the global copper industry, manages four copper mines in Chile. The intricacies of open-pit communications, EPC processes for both greenfield and brownfield projects, remote site connectivity, long-distance communications, and ensuring operational continuity for IT services posed unique challenges.

The Objectives:

The client grappled with various operational hurdles:

  • Open Pit Communications: Effective communication within open-pit mining environments presented difficulties.
  • EPCs of New Projects: Streamlining communication and coordination for the execution, procurement, and construction (EPC) of new projects, both green and brown fields.
  • Communications to Remote Sites: Ensuring seamless communication to remote sites across vast geographical areas.
  • High Availability and Long Distance Communications: Maintaining high availability and reliability of communications over long distances.
  • Operational Continuity for IT: Ensuring uninterrupted IT operations to support critical business functions.
The Solution:

Logicalis crafted a holistic solution to address these challenges:

  • Wireless Mesh Solution: Implementation of a Cisco wireless mesh solution with photovoltaic trailers, ensuring reliable communication in open-pit environments, coupled with operational continuity services.
  • End-to-End IT Project Implementation: Oversight of engineering, provision, and construction of copper and fibre optic cabling, access control systems, CCTV, paging/Party, and modular data centre solutions.
  • Backhaul Solutions Implementation: Deployment of backhaul solutions in 2.4 and 5.8 GHz bands (Cisco) and fiber optic cables with Cisco connectivity.
  • Help Desk Service and Field Support: Provision of help desk services and field support to promptly address any issues.
The Business Benefits:

The implementation of Logicalis' solution resulted in significant business benefits:

  • FMS Systems Communication: Enhanced communication for Fleet Management Systems (FMS) operation.
  • Comprehensive IT Services: Provision of all necessary IT services for seamless operation.
  • Connectivity to Remote Sites: Establishment of reliable connectivity to remote sites, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • High-Speed Connectivity: The 10G connectivity provision facilitates faster data transfer and processing.
  • Service Continuity: Measurement of service performance with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), ensuring continuity of service and operational reliability.
The Key Takeaway:

Through collaboration with Logicalis, our client successfully overcame communication challenges and achieved operational excellence. The comprehensive solution addressed immediate needs and laid the foundation for future growth and efficiency.



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