Advancing Collaboration and Future-Ready Solutions for a Research Organisation


Global, Aug 14, 2023


This case study delves into the collaborative success story between Logicalis and a public-sector research organisation. This partnership revolutionized the organisation's collaborative infrastructure and set the stage for network and security advancements in alignment with the organisation's dedication to innovation and sustainability.

Challenges or Objectives

Over four years, Logicalis has played a pivotal role as a collaborative partner for the research organisation, orchestrating the transformation of their collaboration ecosystem through cutting-edge solutions and services. This collaboration marks the most substantial contract between the research organisation and an external collaborator. Beyond this, Logicalis aspires to extend its collaborative efforts and lay the foundation for network and security solutions.

The research organisation operates within the public sector, focusing primarily on directing research and innovation funding within the United Kingdom. With a firm commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2040, the organisation seeks sustainable solutions.

Over the upcoming three years, Logicalis has the task of reconfiguring and enriching the research organisation's VC/AV (Video Conferencing/Audio-Visual) setup to accommodate evolving user requirements.


In their successful proposal, Logicalis presented a cohesive and seamless collaboration solution paired with innovative hardware tailored for meeting rooms of varying sizes. This collaboration is extended through the Cisco Partner Support Services (PSS) program, ensuring consistent maintenance of VC/AV assets. This support is crucial for upholding operational efficiency as employees transition back to the office environment. Furthermore, Logicalis is expanding its scope to encompass network and security solutions.

Building upon the established collaboration framework, Logicalis and the research organisation are actively exploring avenues to enhance network and security capabilities. This includes revisiting the application of Accedian's Enterprise Observability solution to tackle past challenges and assessing its relevance in broader contexts, such as Network Monitoring, Cybersecurity, Cloud Integration, Employee Collaboration, and Smart Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.


This successful project is steered by a skilled and experienced team with a track record of collaborating with the research organisation over four years. The collaboration also showcases procurement flexibility that goes beyond VC/AV equipment. It delivers cost-effective results through meticulously designed solutions. Ongoing support and maintenance of VC/AV assets are ensured through Cisco and Logicalis.

Moreover, this partnership establishes a framework that paves the way for continuous innovation and progress. Logicalis has transformed the collaboration and laid the groundwork for the research organisation's advanced network and security solutions. This collaboration underscores the potential of technological solutions to propel innovation, advance sustainability objectives, and facilitate seamless collaboration in public sector research.



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