Empowering Growth A Successful Collaboration with a Global Energy Supplier


Global, Aug 2, 2023


In the rapidly evolving energy market, a global utility-backed seaborne energy trader set ambitious plans to scale its operations by a significant 50% within the upcoming three years. With expansive aspirations came inherent challenges, primarily the unpredictability of their cost structure and a lack of standardized operational processes. Logicalis, an innovative IT solutions provider, was introduced into the equation to shed light on the path forward.

Challenges or Objectives

The core objectives of the energy trader were clear:

  • Establishment of a predictable cost base to ensure smooth scaling.
  • Implementation of standardized processes across its operations.
  • A dynamic partnership with a provider who can scale solutions synchronously with their growth trajectory is needed.

An exhaustive review of the energy supplier's IT operating model by Logicalis UKI unearthed glaring inefficiencies. The existing structure was not geared for the aggressive growth the company envisaged.


The collaboration between Logicalis UKI and the energy supplier was a resounding success. The results were not just transformative for the client but also paved the way for fresh opportunities for Logicalis in contemporary workplace solutions and the security sector. The Account Manager for this client,  accentuated the importance of such cross-regional collaborations, positioning Logicalis uniquely in the market. It underscored Logicalis' prowess in catering to mid-tier clients with global operations, setting them apart from bigger partners who typically gravitate towards larger corporations.


Logicalis, adopting a meticulous advisory approach, rolled out the Align, Transform, and Scale methodology.

  • Align Phase: A deep dive into understanding the organization's core mechanics, critical applications, revenue avenues, and risk appetite.
  • Transform Phase: Proposal of design alternatives tailored to the energy supplier's unique needs.
  • Scale Phase: The final piece of the puzzle involved onboarding the necessary services to support their growth.

With a comprehensive scope covering regions including London, Singapore, the Netherlands, and the USA, Logicalis harnessed its strong presence in Singapore to facilitate a cohesive approach. Through the managed services contract, a predictable cost base was established, standardized processes were implemented, and a scalable partnership was forged, anchored on business outcomes.


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