The PlanetHome Group ready to take on the future with cloud infrastructure

, Feb 12, 2021


The volume of digital data which PlanetHome has to manage is continuously increasing, so switching to the cloud was a logical step. Previously, the central systems including the database and application servers were operated
by a data centre service provider. Due to high monthly costs and lack of flexibility the company wanted to move.


From a previous audit, Logicalis had an understanding of PlanetHome’s requirements and suggested Oracle Cloud Infrastructure would work for its requirements to reduce licensing and operating costs, as well as additional security elements such as the encryption of databases. In the course of database migration, it became clear that the source database was using an outdated character set and this had to be converted before migration could take place. Logicalis solved this problem using a migration script which provided
the Oracle Cloud with the data from the old system, including the character conversion.


  • Perfectly tailored solution for the clients needs.
  • Operational cost savings creating a positive impact on the bottom line.
  • Future-proofed the business as they take on the competition in the age of digitisation.

Click here to download the case study.

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