Grupo Alkan developing a more agile and scalable business

Global, Feb 12, 2021


Group Alkan wanted to modernise their existing infrastructure, optimising investment in equipment whilst incorporating modern platforms. The aim was to improve business processes, and guarantee the security and availability of data, enabling agile growth and easy administration.


Alkan turned to Logicalis to provide guidance on the best tool to tackle their current challenges and provide greater efficiency and capacity for future business growth. The team selected the VMWare virtualisation solution. Providing a hyper-converged abstraction layer that is hosted across three different sites, the service is able to run even if one of the sites drops. To future-proof the business further the team implemented a suite of services for Grupo Alkan to create and manage teams, allowing them the flexibility to continue growing.


  • Decreased electricity consumption in physical equipment by reducing 11 servers to 3.
  • Reduce operating costs as fewer licenses and new equipment is needed as a result of the efficient systems and services put in place.
  • Speed up deployment of new services whilst improving existing processes



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