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About Logicalis

Our people

We’re a group of highly motivated individuals with a laser focus on delivering client success.

Our vision

We exist to accelerate our customer s progress keeping them relevant in the digital economy and directly contributing to their success

Our responsible business

We drive positive change for our clients, colleagues and the communities that we operate in, to build a better world

Our commitment to you

At Logicalis we harness our collective expertise to create sustainable outcomes that matter. Whether that's helping our clients to build a blueprint for success or working together to create a more sustainable organisation, we are united in making a difference in everything we do. Together we do everything in our power to make sure that everyone can belong, grow, and thrive. 

Part of making sure that every single person can belong, grow, thrive is creating the right kind of culture. After all you can't grow and thrive if you don't feel like you belong (or vice versa!). At Logicalis we have five key values that support our mission as an organisation, shape our behaviours and direct our actions.

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What our values to mean to us

To further enhance our inclusive culture, we have 5 Values that speak directly to our mission where everyone can Belong, Grow & Thrive. These values help shape and focus our behaviours.

Sustainable innovation

We create a blueprint for change that will last

Integrity is intrinsic

Honesty, fairness, and accountability are at the core of who we are.

Excellence every day

We strive for excellence in everything we do, always looking for new ways to improve.

Better together

We work best when we work together, harnessing our collective expertise

Everyone belongs

We do our best when we can be ourselves and embrace diverse perspectives.

See what our employees have to say

Catriona Walkerden, Group Marketing VP

I joined Logicalis almost 5 years ago in Australia, within two years I was promoted to a global role and supported through an exciting international move to Global HQ in the UK.

I’m now back in Australia working flexibly to accommodate my role from here. Now I am keen to give back, helping my international colleagues to build their own Marketing careers, and grow our business, wherever they are in the world.

nikhil portrait

Nikhil Singh, Public Sector Account Manager

I joined Logicalis on a graduate program in 2021 straight out of university. Nearly three years later, I have completed my apprenticeship, and my responsibilities have grown significantly. I am now fully settled into my role, with a clear career development plan in place.

I am surrounded by knowledgeable colleagues who provide invaluable advice and support, and I would highly recommend Logicalis to anyone.

Victor Liu, Senior Network Consultant - Security

I joined Logicalis straight out of university almost nine years ago. During this time, I have gained a huge amount of experience in network security and have helped the Hong Kong team to achieve ISO 27001 certification.

For our customers, I’m dedicated to producing excellent network security solutions that futureproof their organisations.

Sustainability sits at the heart of what we do

Our responsible business agenda is shaped by who we are as a business and underpinned by one key principle: that at Logicalis we are dedicated to conducting our business in a responsible and sustainable way.

Sustainability is no longer just about our reputation as an organisation: it’s about being a responsible business, our bottom line, attracting new talent and the opportunity to innovate.

Improved environmental impact

Reduce carbon emissions and improve environmental impact through IT to reach our carbon reduction goals.

Implementing sustainable IT practices such as energy-efficient hardware, server virtualisation and efficient data management practices, allows us to not only reach our own sustainability goals but create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Customer loyalty

In today’s socially conscious world customers are increasingly drawn to brands that prioritise sustainability.

By incorporating sustainable IT practices, we can enhance not only brand reputation but deepen customer loyalty with our existing customer base, as our organisation aligns with their values and expectations.

Talent attraction and retention

Logicalis demonstrates true commitment to social responsibility by prioritising sustainability to align with employee’s personal values and goals.

Having sustainable IT practices resonate with existing talent and attracts new talent, as it demonstrates our commitment to behaving responsibly and creating a world that future generations will enjoy.

Our Environmental Statement

At Logicalis, we want to make the world a better place, and our role as a global technology service provider provides both an opportunity and a responsibility to take the lead in contributing solutions for a sustainable future.

Read about our sustainability pledges, reporting commitments, policies and more in our Environmental Statement

Be in control of your career

At Logicalis, you are the driver of your career.  To support you on your journey, we provide you with a variety of tools, resources and programmes to fuel your success!

Global LMS

We give all employees the opportunity to grow their careers through role specific learning content so they can truly thrive at Logicalis.

Global Finance Mentor Programme

Mentor matching across all the territories to support the global finance community to grow, connect, and collaborate.

Connected Leader Programme

We value the importance of inspiring leadership and offer our Connected Leader programme to help our leaders thrive and become the best they can be.

Global Leadership Academy

Our prestigious leadership programme focuses on investing in our senior leaders of the future and growing our internal talent pool.

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Investigating making the invisible visible, the first session in our Revive and Thrive series provided an understanding of how we can look after each other's mental health by changing behaviours, from unconscious bias to consciously include people.

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Employee burnout has become an increasingly alarming concern in recent years and it's now a necessity for modern businesses to empower leaders to proactively address burnout, creating a workplace that promotes employee well-being and productivity.

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