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Global , Sep 21, 2023

Case study

Logicalis enhances APDL's Network with Cisco ACI

Logicalis implemented the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) solution because, in addition to being the industry's leading SDN (Software Defined Networking), it automates the network and security in a web interface for workloads on physical servers, virtual machines, containers or the public cloud.

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Global , Aug 14, 2023

Case study

Advancing Collaboration and Future-Ready Solutions for a Research Organisation

Over four years, Logicalis has played a pivotal role as a collaborative partner for a research organisation, facilitating the transformation of their collaboration ecosystem with cutting-edge solutions and services. This collaboration stands as the largest contract between the research organisation and an external partner. Going beyond this, Logicalis is poised not only to continue its collaboration efforts but also to establish the groundwork for network and security solutions.

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Global , Aug 11, 2023

Case study

Revolutionizing Chemical Plant Monitoring with Private Wireless Solution

The alliance between Logicalis, Cisco, and AirSpan RAN enabled our client to leverage the capabilities of Private Wireless technology, revolutionising their chemical plant monitoring practices. Overcoming wireless disruptions and facilitating constant monitoring, the client's commitment to safety, efficiency, and data accuracy was significantly enhanced. This successful deployment exemplifies the transformative potential of technology-driven solutions within the manufacturing sector, contributing to the continued success of our client.

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Global , Aug 2, 2023

Case study

Modernizing Global IT Infrastructure A Case Study of a Large Food Producer

A large food producer known for its prominent role in the food industry faced the challenge of modernizing its IT infrastructure globally. The historically grown infrastructure lacked homogeneity and had become outdated due to multiple suppliers with varying pricing and project standards. The company sought a global managed network service focused on LAN, Wireless LAN, and Security to overcome these challenges and build a solid foundation for future digital service solutions. Logicalis, a global Cisco Gold Partner, provided the ideal solution, offering 24x7x365 full managed service, central helpdesk, monitoring, service & transition management, professional services & consulting, and ongoing support

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