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Sunset over a chemical plant

Global , Aug 11, 2023

Case study

Revolutionizing Chemical Plant Monitoring with Private Wireless Solution

The alliance between Logicalis, Cisco, and AirSpan RAN enabled our client to leverage the capabilities of Private Wireless technology, revolutionising their chemical plant monitoring practices. Overcoming wireless disruptions and facilitating constant monitoring, the client's commitment to safety, efficiency, and data accuracy was significantly enhanced. This successful deployment exemplifies the transformative potential of technology-driven solutions within the manufacturing sector, contributing to the continued success of our client.

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Global , Aug 2, 2023

Case study

Enhancing Network Efficiency for a Global Automotive Manufacturer

Working with a prominent multinational automotive manufacturer with a vast workforce spread across more than 25 countries, Logicalis was entrusted with the task of optimizing their connectivity, ensuring network resiliency, and enhancing application performance visibility.

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