Enhancing security posture: A strategic partnership with a leading aerospace manufacturing corporation

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Global, Apr 19, 2024

The customer

The client, a multinational corporation operating across diverse sectors including government, requires strict compliance with high security protocols.  With 55 operating companies under its umbrella, it faces the challenge of ensuring consistent and compliant data management practices across diverse environments. 

Previous successful collaborations between Logicalis and the client have demonstrated Logicalis' capability to effectively address security concerns, leading to this strategic partnership.

The objectives

The primary objective of the Security Benchmark and Enablement Program is to assess the secure data management practices of the client's operating companies, focusing on alignment with government and Department of Defence security requirements such as CMMC 2.0 and DFARS 252.204-7012. 

Specific objectives include conducting assessments, providing tailored training, identifying areas of improvement, and delivering key documentation to enhance security posture and regulatory compliance.

The solution

Logicalis proposed a phased approach to the project, including  an establishment, engagement and assessment Phase.  

Key deliverables encompass the system security plan, alignment analysis report, and information security and compliance roadmap. This structured approach ensures comprehensive assessment and strategic planning tailored to the specific needs of each operating company.

The business benefits

Partnering with Logicalis yields several benefits for the client, including enhanced security posture, regulatory compliance, and the establishment of a long-term partnership. By strengthening data management practices and aligning with stringent security standards, the client mitigates legal and reputational risks while fostering ongoing collaboration to address evolving security challenges.

Key takeaway

The collaboration between Logicalis and the client underscores the significance of leveraging external expertise to effectively address complex security challenges. By embracing a structured approach encompassing assessments, training, and strategic planning, organizations can elevate their security posture, achieve regulatory compliance, and cultivate enduring partnerships for sustained success. 

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