Advancing Connectivity and Reliability with Private Wireless Networks

farm worker using an ipad to monitor crops

Global, Mar 7, 2024

The Customer:

Our client is a prominent fertilizer company recognized globally as a leading nitrogen fertiliser producer. Focusing on technological progress, the client aimed to implement private 4G/5G networks to boost connectivity and productivity at its sites.

The Objectives:

The project's primary objectives were two-fold:

  • Deployment of Private 4G/5G Networks: Establish reliable private wireless networks, concentrating on both outdoor and indoor coverage.
  • Redundant Production Deployment: Ensure redundant production deployment for critical chemical tank locations and enable ground-level RF connectivity for IT users.
The Solution:

Logicalis proposed a tailored solution aligned with the client's needs:

  • Sequenced Deployment Methodology: Phased deployment initially focused on outdoor coverage, utilizing new towers and outdoor radios. Onsite surveys would optimize coverage, followed by the placement and activation of indoor radios for complete site coverage.
  • Decentralized Redundant Deployment Model: Local 4G/5G radios communicating with a local Cisco Packet Core server, with a cold-standby server in a remote datacenter, ensuring redundancy. A redundant cluster of AirSpan ACP would support future AirSpan deployments within the United States.
  • Technical Outcome: Comprehensive coverage of a private 4G/LTE network for outdoor areas, detailed site survey report for additional indoor radio placement, and a one-year subscription for 200+ SIMs and two radios.
The Result:

The deployment of private 5G networks resulted in significant business benefits for the client:

  • Reliability and Stability: Private 5G networks offer higher reliability and stability than Wi-Fi, ensuring continuous connectivity crucial for mission-critical applications in mining environments.
  • Lower Latency: The private wireless network enabled lower latency, facilitating real-time communication and control of connected IoT devices and machinery, essential for time-sensitive applications like industrial automation and robotics.
The Key Takeaway:

Through collaboration with Logicalis, our client successfully deployed private 4G/5G networks, elevating connectivity, reliability, and productivity. The solution addressed immediate needs and laid the groundwork for future deployments across the client's operations in the US.



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