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, Jan 19, 2014

Wilton Re’s Transformation Journey

Wilton Re is a perfect example of an organization that has followed a path through the IT Transformation Journey (as illustrated in the Business IT Innovation Timeline on the next page). As each phase of the journey became viable based on the current industry developments of the time, Wilton Re turned to Logicalis to help them get to the next step. By working with Logicalis as a strategic partner, Wilton Re stayed at the forefront of technology as it evolved.

Below you will see a detailed outline of Wilton Re’s IT Transformation Journey over a nine-year period. By leveraging available innovations, Wilton Re sets an example of how strategy and planning can elevate the IT department and allow
them to become an integrated part of their company’s success. “Every step of Wilton Re’s journey built on previous steps to provide efficiency, innovation and business value”, states Mike Martin, Logicalis VP of Solutions and Services. “Wilton Re is a classic example of what forward thinking can do for IT.” 

We have defined this IT Transformation Journey in such a way that you can also use it to help your organization adopt a more efficient IT strategy that makes more sense for your business—no matter what step of the journey your organization is currently in.

How Wilton Re leverages Logicalis for efficiency, scalability and flexibility
Wilton Re, a long-time Logicalis customer, has utilized a forward-thinking business model since its inception. To maintain efficiency and scalability, CIO Andy Wood teams with Logicalis to meet the company’s IT needs through an IT-as-aservice approach.

“Proof of this strategy is that, at each stage along the journey, we have increased the flexibility and reliability of our IT services, while reducing the unit cost of computing which, in turn, has allowed us to more affordably enhance our IT services,” says Wood. Teaming with Logicalis allows Wood and his small team
to focus on their business and providing value through IT. 

The partnership through the IT Transformation Journey
In many ways, Logicalis and Wilton Re have progressed together. Wilton Re often comes to Logicalis with a business challenge and Logicalis develops a custom-designed solution to meet it. Other times, Wilton Re takes advantage of the latest

technology that Logicalis is innovating as part of their service platform, such as IT Service Management or Logicalis cloud services.

By functioning as a close partner, Logicalis delivers significant business value to Wilton Re and will continue to do so as Wilton Re’s business grows.

Going forward, Logicalis plans to assist Wilton Re in implementing a full cloud computing solution—the next step in our IT Transformation Journey—along with exploring the implementation of virtual desktop and BYOD initiatives. Likewise, Wilton Re plans to leverage Logicalis’ recent innovations such as On-Demand Cloud to continue to meet technology needs without large investments.

“Wilton Re looks at our team as an extension of their own,” says Logicalis Senior Vice President, Solutions & Services, Mike Martin. “With a close, strategic relationship, we can collaborate with Wilton Re’s management to identify their
needs and challenges, and then develop or recommend the best IT solutions to meet them. We stay on top of IT trends and emerging solutions, as well as maintain a best-in-class infrastructure. So Wilton Re can take advantage of
this technology, without having to invest in building its own infrastructure.”

What could the IT Transformation Journey mean for your organization?
By partnering with Logicalis, Wilton Re was able to assist CIO Andy Wood’s requirement for a high quality, flexible IT service delivery capability become a reality. Put Logicalis to work for your organization to:

  • Remove the need to focus on critical but time-consuming IT specifics, allowing your team to dedicate more attention to adding business value via technology
  • Eliminate the required capital outlay and time investment to develop and maintain your own best-in-class IT expertise, processes and technologies
  • Enable you to use cutting-edge technologies and rely on customized solutions—not merely cookie-cutter offerings

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