Optimising Cloud Infrastructure Management for a Global Leader in Metals, Mining, and Logistics

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Global, Mar 7, 2024

The Customer

A prominent multinational corporation specializing in metals, mining, and logistics, our client is recognized as a global leader in producing iron ore, nickel, manganese, copper, and cobalt. With an extensive network of hydroelectric plants, railroads, ships, and ports, the client is a key player in transporting a diverse range of products.

The Objectives

Embarking on a digital transformation journey with Azure as the chosen public cloud provider, our client faced the following challenges in streamlining global operations:

High IT Project Demand: Overwhelming demand for new projects strained the IT department's capacity and expertise.

Governance Gaps in Outsourced Activities: Inefficiencies and financial impacts result from inadequate third-party infrastructure projects' governance.

Complex Cloud Migration Program: Migrating critical IT applications, including SAP, and over 400 corporate applications under the Cloud Acceleration program required robust infrastructure support and governance.

The Solution

Logicalis proposed a comprehensive solution, focusing on consolidating and optimizing cloud infrastructure activities:

  • Cloud Services Center: Establishment of a centralized cloud services center for end-to-end management of infrastructure projects, including demand intake, planning, design, implementation, validation, and production release.
  • SLA-Based Productivity: Prioritizing service delivery based on SLAs to ensure efficiency and reliability.
  • Specialized SQUADs: Deployment of specialized teams organized into SQUADs for specific activities, ensuring scalability and expertise.
  • Environment Improvements: Recommendations for enhancements to the hybrid cloud architecture and facilitation of innovation projects that deliver value.
The Business Benefits

The implementation of Logicalis' solution resulted in significant benefits for our client:

  • Enhanced Agility and Quality: The IT department gained agility, delivering services with improved quality and speed.
  • Reduced Time to Market: Streamlined processes reduced the time to market for new applications and services.
  • Improved Governance: Implementation of a governance model enabled proper chargeback mechanisms, leading to better cost allocation and financial management.
  • Scalability: The infrastructure performance structure scaled effectively, accommodating a 20% increase in demand within three months.
  • Strategic Alignment: Improved governance and execution enabled the IT department to transition to a more strategic role, delivering greater value to the business.
  • Confidence in Cloud Migration: The successful execution instilled confidence in our client regarding the model's ability to support the Cloud Acceleration program effectively.
The Key Takeaways

Through collaborative efforts and strategic interventions, Logicalis empowered the multinational corporation to overcome infrastructure challenges and expedite its cloud migration journey. Logicalis facilitated the client's transformation into a more agile and value-driven organization by enhancing operational efficiency, governance, and scalability.



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