Enhancing security posture and operational efficiency for a leading health and toxicology company

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Global, Apr 19, 2024

Case study overview

Following a series of successful collaborations, an established international health and toxicology company has chosen Logicalis as a dependable partner in their digital transformation journey. Leveraging Logicalis' expertise in security, Azure, and Microsoft 365, the customer has strengthened its security posture and operational resilience while dealing with dynamic industry challenges.

The customer

This customer stands as a pivotal player in health and toxicology. The company specialises in developing diagnostic solutions catering to a diverse range of sectors including hospitals, clinical labs, research facilities, food testing, forensic toxicology, veterinary labs, and life sciences.

The objectives

The customer faced the dual challenge of enhancing its overall security framework while grappling with significant staff turnover in its security team. The scarcity of specialised cybersecurity skills and experience compounded the operational hurdles. As a result, finding a new IT security partner became a strategic priority for the business.

The solution

Logicalis' Centre for Internet Security (CIS) assessment paved the way for a comprehensive solution aimed at mitigating risks and optimising security operations. A tailored three-year managed security service was devised to proactively address evolving threats. Additionally, specialised assessments including a cloud security analysis and a Microsoft 365 evaluation were conducted to identify and rectify security gaps.

The business benefits

The implementation of Azure Migrate and Modernization Program (AMMP) laid the groundwork for future growth initiatives, fostering a secure and scalable infrastructure. Remediation activities bolstered the customer’s security posture, instilling confidence among stakeholders. Furthermore, adherence to compliance standards was streamlined, enhancing visibility and accuracy in vulnerability management.

The Logicalis team looks forward to the possibility of working with this customer on future projects such as Azure managed services, IIOT managed device firewall solutions, and Microsoft 365 architecture as a Service, highlighting the ongoing commitment to innovation and security enhancement.

Key takeaways

By harnessing the robust security features inherent in Microsoft 365 and Azure services, Logicalis enabled the customer to establish robust governance frameworks and safeguard critical assets. This symbiotic partnership exemplifies the efficacy of a holistic approach in ensuring sustained growth and resilience in today's digital landscape.

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