T-Mobile (Logicalis SMC)

, Apr 29, 2015

The customer
T-Mobile is one of the world’s largest providers of mobile telecommunications and wireless broadband Internet access. In the Netherlands, T-Mobile generated revenues of €1.8 billion in 2008 and served over five million customers.

The challenge
BMC Remedy is used particularly to support a number of internal processes. The system processes around 20,000 incident tickets per month. In addition, Remedy is used for facility services and to process repairs from the T-Shops.

The tool is therefore crucial in supporting a number of important processes in T-Mobile. Changes and improvements are made to the application regularly to meet business requirements. It is important that the business requirement is analysed and then translated into the required functionality by a tool specialist.

The solution
The ITSM specialists at Logicalis SMC are responsible for the entire process involved in adapting and expanding the applications. They take over the entire process, from the necessary business analysis and advice in the preliminary activities through to building, testing, implementation and management.

The benefit
T-Mobile has entrusted the care of the BMC Remedy applications entirely to the experts of Logicalis SMC. The company does not need to train any people itself and business requirements are rapidly translated into suitable functionality.

The cooperation is underpinned by confidence that the required knowledge is available to meet complex challenges using Remedy. Projects are taken over from top to tail, and that gives a feeling of reassurance. The relationship with T-Mobile also provides a high degree of flexibility. Additional capacity can be brought in to deal with peak demand, and in quieter periods the specialists from Logicalis SMC can be deployed on other projects.

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