Enhancing Network Efficiency for a Global Automotive Manufacturer

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Global, Aug 2, 2023


A prominent automotive manufacturer boasting a significant workforce spread over 20 countries collaborated with Logicalis to optimize and improve its global connectivity. This endeavour was primarily geared towards ensuring network resilience and enhancing application performance visibility.

Challenges or Objectives

The client's primary objective was to streamline their network connectivity across their expansive global presence. They envisioned the implementation of a Secure SD-WAN solution at 135 sites across the globe. Some specific challenges included:

  1. Finding a provider that could deploy the desired solution while offering a comprehensive range of managed services globally.
  2. Overcoming internal staffing limitations and seeking AI-assisted network management and monitoring solutions.


Logicalis, with its Intelligent Connectivity solution, proposed an integrated approach. This combined the Cisco Viptela SDWAN Suite, SDWAN edge devices, Cisco SDWAN cloud orchestrator, and the expertise of Logicalis Professional Services. This robust plan had three primary phases: initial assessment (Align), a subsequent implementation (Transform), and continual support via Logicalis Global Managed Services. Additionally, the proposed solution integrated embedded security features of Cisco SDWAN, edge devices, Telco management capabilities, and the cutting-edge Digital Fabric Platform.

Key components of the proposed solution were:

  1. Enhanced Security Measures: To mitigate business risks.
  2. A Scalable Managed Network: Facilitating global growth.
  3. Improved User Experience: Through actionable insights from managed services and the Digital Fabric Platform.
  4. Round-the-clock Managed Service: Liberating the client from network management so they could focus on their core digital services.
  5. Partnership with Cisco: Logicalis ensured superior planning and continuous support for Cisco solutions as a Gold Solution partner.

Furthermore, our unique approach allowed the client to benefit from SD-WAN as a stand-alone service while still enjoying the advantages of a Global Managed Service, further enriched by the Digital Fabric Platform.


The project's success was largely due to the skill and commitment of Logicalis' Presales team, with experts from varied domains setting a solid foundation. Logicalis' global capabilities in management, product shipments, and AI Ops capabilities gave it a distinctive advantage over competitors. As a result, we could offer the client a comprehensive vision for their 5-year strategy.

The client was satisfied with the delivered solution and valued the proactive advice and bespoke recommendations tailored to their business provided through the Digital Fabric Platform. As the collaboration continues to flourish, future projects may explore expanding managed services to incorporate Security and Private 5G technologies.



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