Time Warner Telecom

, Jan 18, 2014

Logicalis quickly provided Time Warner Telecom with a unified communications solution that streamlined and improved communication between two of Time Warner's locations.

The Client
Time Warner Telecom (TWTC) is headquartered in Littleton, Colorado and employs 1,986 people. Time Warner Telecom is a leading provider of managed networking solutions to companies in 23 states. The firm integrates data, dedicated Internet access, and local and long distance voice services for long distance carriers, wireless communications companies, incumbent local exchange carriers and an array of enterprise organizations. Network Magazine named it the top ISP in the nation in 2003.

The Challenge
Time Warner Telecom offices in Dayton and Cincinnati are supported by the same management group. According to Patrick Kirwen, TWTC Network Application Specialist, "We needed to streamline and improve communication between the two locations and the 50 or so people we have there."

Originally each office had its own PBX and voicemail systems. Calls between the offices were long distance and voicemail systems were not networked together so voicemails couldn't be shared between the two systems. Plus, the phone system in Dayton office was unreliable and past its prime. Time Warner Telecom needed help from a company that could implement a solution. And fast.

The Solution
Time Warner Telecom didn't look in a phone book for help, they relied on track records. Logicalis was selected on the basis of proven performance and quality implementations. Kirwen explains, "The Logicalis record speaks for itself, and that's why we chose to build a strong relationship with them."

Logicalis quickly developed a solution:

  • Combine two offices on a single integrated voice and data network
  • Upgrade networks in two offices to support QoS
  • Configure/install Cisco CallManager and Unity Voicemail to support two cities
  • Complete implementation with detailed project management and close and responsive support at every stage

The project was completed in less than three weeks. "Flat out, the solution is saving us money," says Kirwen. "In streamlining communications, our phones are more user friendly. Our people can perform tasks such as conferencing and, at the same time, take advantage of features such as extension mobility, 4-digit dialing and shared voicemail."

"It all adds up to increased productivity," he adds.

Will Time Warner Telecom call on Logicalis again? "Absolutely," answers Kirwen. "The Logicalis team is knowledgeable, professional and thorough. Long term we plan to use the CallManager solution to support additional TWTC facilities."

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