Dutch Railways

, Jan 19, 2014

The customer

The Dutch Railways used HP Service Manager (HPSM) for the development of a new tool to manage the Railpockets of train drivers and conductors. Doing so, the organisation showed that HPSM could also be used very effectively outside ITSM environments

The challenge
Evelien van der Vliet, Manager Front-Office, NSR Service & Support: The old application had become an impractical tool that was no longer fit for purpose. It was actually nothing more than an expanded Excel spreadsheet. We therefore faced the question of whether to renovate or rebuild. That’s when I had the idea of using HPSM, which we already had in house for the IT service desk.

The solution
It started with a description of everything we needed and the question of whether HPSM had sufficient functionality to provide it. We did that in interactive workshops. All requirements were translated into excellent functionality by Logicalis SMC consultants. 

The benefits
HP COM has become a modern solution that greatly streamlines the work involved in issuing equipment and provides a pleasant tool to assist people in their work. External operators such as service engineers and ancillary suppliers have also been connected, so we always have a clear view of where the equipment is.

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