Obvion (Logicalis SMC)

, Apr 29, 2015

The customer
Obvion is a modern mortgage lender that provides ‘mortgages with a conscience’ and works with independent advisors.

The challenge
Ronald Wetzels, Manager Information Management at Obvion: “In April 2011 we still didn’t have a fully fledged ITSM tool. In view of our rapid growth, it was time for a major professionalisation drive to accompany its introduction.”

The solution
“We quickly became enthusiastic after an initial meeting with Logicalis SMC and ServiceNow. They are real ITSM professionals and ServiceNow is a mature solution that is also very user-friendly.”

The benefits
“The solution was implemented rapidly. We didn’t have to rig up a project for it. It was a classic case of rebuilding while staying open for business. We started in April 2011 and had already finished in October 2011. All in all, we’re more than satisfied.”

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