Regal Entertainment Group

, Jan 20, 2014

Logicalis helps Regal Entertainment Group keep the shows going at more than 500 theaters across the U.S.

Regal Entertainment Group operates the largest and most geographically diverse theater circuit in the United States, comprising 6,796 screens in 553 theaters located across 39 states and the District of Columbia. More than 242 million movie-goers attended Regal theaters in 2007.

A major consumer of technology, Regal relies heavily on HP equipment to keep the shows going at all those theaters.

“HP is our standard laptop, our standard desktop, our standard POS terminal in theater box offices, our standard server, and our standard workstation,” says Regal Senior Vice President and CIO David King. “It’s also our standard for enterprise servers and storage.”

In addition to being a reseller of HP technology, Logicalis provides Regal with a great deal of value-add at both the commodity level and the services level. There are no HP reps in Knoxville, TN, King notes, and Logicalis provides the close day-to-day customer service that isn’t available directly from HP.

At the commodity level, for example, Logicalis assists Regal in setting up direct online access to HP’s procurement portal, where Regal can order all the HP laptops, printers, desktops, and other end-user computing equipment Regal needs, on mutually agreed terms and according to Regal’s own standards and priorities from any computer, at any time of any day. Logicalis also customizes procurement to reflect Regal’s buying patterns, standards, and priorities, and provides reporting and order tracking in real time.

“We use the Logicalis HP B2B site often. It’s been a very useful tool for us,” King says. “It saves a lot of time, and it keeps our purchase orders and details of items ordered synchronized with HP. Logicalis is very helpful in keeping the catalog of items from which we order current and complete.”

King adds, “We always know we are getting the best price, and using the site removes a lot of errors and delay from the process. What we order is accurate, and what shows up is what we ordered. If we realize we need to order something at the last minute, we can. Even if that realization is at 10 o’clock at night, we can still enter an order on the site and get it into the pipeline and moving much quicker.”

Trusted Advisor
Beyond help with commodity products, Logicalis is also a trusted advisor for all the HP technology Regal uses.

“We rely on Logicalis very heavily,” King says. “They have a good and long track record and are a very dependable partner. They deliver solutions that work.”

King notes that Logicalis acts as its advocate and enriches Regal’s relationship with HP.

“Logicalis focuses on relationship management and relationship development from the VP level down to project managers and directors,” King notes. “It’s those managers and directors who, at the end of the day, are either making the solution work or not making it work. When we have questions that are urgent, we know we can get quick answers and access to experts within Logicalis.”

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