BBVA Paraguay

, Jan 20, 2014


BBVA is a financial services worldwide group that provides the most complete range of products and services to companies and individuals. Besides its strong international presence, in Paraguay has been the country’s leading bank for the last six years. What make this organisation different from the rest are its constant innovation, development and expansion in every sphere of action.


Together with the renewal of the installations in a new building, with LEED certification, the organisation requires an update on its old analogic telephony to IP telephony, and by this mean improves its network performance, achieving an effective call processing. On the other hand, the bank had some problems in communicating with other branches, especially the ones located in other countries. In this context, Logicalis implemented Cisco’s technological solutions to fulfill this required needs.


Among the installed Logicalis solutions are Core Switches, Routers, Access Point, IP telephony and Storage. A Contact Centre was also incorporated that will provide a faster response to the customers’ inquiries, solution of problems and requests with better efficiency and rapidity.

Besides, with the purpose of being able to make simultaneous Videoconferences with different areas and countries, the organisation incorporated Tandberg video equipment’s, that work through the IP network.


Currently, BBVA Bank has a cutting edge Telephony IP System, which process more than 42.000 monthly calls, making possible new job positions’ creation.

Another aspect of this implementation is that not only reduced the organisation’s costs but those of the customers. By this mean, the calls to the head offices have local tariff. The long distance calls’ costs disappeared due to the fact that all communications currently go through the IP Network.  This meant an important saving in what respect to calls phones.

On its own, The Contact Centre allowed optimising the daily work, enabling the connection from any place and work from the network.

Form the obtained results; the technological innovation was implemented in other branches of the bank, not only in Asuncion City but in other places of the country. 

Video solutions allowed the lowering of travel expenses for the company, due to the fact that the branches are interconnected instantaneously among themselves, increasing profits and improving the cycles of decision making.

All this technological solutions positioned the new bank’s building as one of the most technological buildings.

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