How the pandemic uncovered the need for global solutions with local execution

Global, Mar 26, 2021

Many industries have found that the Covid-19 pandemic has acted as an accelerator of innovation. It has given established transformation roadmaps a newfound urgency and lead businesses to step up their plans. Indeed,
one survey found that 97% of executives sped up their digital transformation due to the pandemic.

Transformation efforts have been accelerated by an average of five years in a matter of months during the
pandemic, as organisations look to support business strategies and evolve operating models.

However, building an intelligent and resilient infrastructure on a global scale is often challenging for multinationals. It requires evolving their operations at head office and across multiple locations in a synchronised way. Issues such as, inconsistent pricing, contracts, standards, language barriers, and centralised budgets with regional
decision-making processes, can often disrupt rather than enable company-wide transformation as a result.

As multinationals urgently seek to speed up their digital transformation plans, the need for both global solutions with effective local execution is vital.

Overcoming obstacles with an expert

Successful digital transformation requires the integration of technology into all areas of a business. The aim is to fundamentally change how an organisation operates and delivers for its customers.

Digital transformation is not an easy task for any organisation. Indeed, 69% of organisations estimate they lack the skills to overhaul their operations digitally. Add a lack of access to the technology and solutions required to enable a digital transformation, then scale the company up to a multinational size, and it is easy to see how organisations can face a multitude of roadblocks along the way.

To accomplish digital transformation plans seamlessly, multinationals should work with a technology partner that has global solutions, local knowledge and a dedicated, expert team with proven delivery.

Collaborating with a technology partner has many benefits. A global technology partner will have extensive experience delivering quality solutions and services and can leverage this experience to avoid common hurdles that may seem insignificant at first but can grow to derail large projects. Access to global teams means they can be well-equipped to engage all business functions to boost productivity, and drive collaboration across different time zones and locations as circumstances change.

Using a strategic technology partner also allows for coordinated engagement from pre-sales, solution design, commercial models, order processing, invoicing, and logistics across all operations. The discipline of cooperating with an external partner means businesses can align their project terms promptly, either to multiple regions or globally, as required.

Finally, working with a technology partner guarantees that your organisation is always supported. International service desks deliver consistent support and ensure no latency for remote connections from one place in the world to another, regardless of distance.

Ready, set, transform

The key to achieving digital transformation delivery at a global scale is consistency. For example, our Production Ready Cloud platform delivers just that. Initially rolled out in our APAC region to give customers the smartest, quickest route to securely transition to the cloud, it is now available across the globe.

Ensuring successful outcomes wherever a business is located, the Production Ready Cloud platform addresses all the configuration, risk and security issues that a multinational organisation needs to consider before migrating workloads to the cloud.

At Logicalis we combine globally unique capabilities and knowledge, with a local level of understanding and execution. Our customers can rest assured that we can support their company-wide transformations, regardless of location or where they are in their digital transformation journey.

Multinationals that are looking to continue their transformation journey should work with a technology partner to help remove the barriers to their evolution, unlocking future success through global knowledge and local execution.



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