Rethinking the way we work

Global, Dec 7, 2021

Author: Bob Bailkoski

As we emerge from a period of global socioeconomic volatility, we have an opportunity to capitalise on the ‘forced experiments’ of the last year and consider their learnings from such a challenging period.

By taking the time to investigate and analyse the results from digital transformation efforts, businesses can embed successes into future business practices and understand areas where they struggled.

Indeed, agile business practices are becoming increasingly relevant as the pace of change increases across the board, driving flexibility and resilience.

Businesses now have an opportunity to rethink what were originally seen as ‘temporary’ measures and start to create a holistic approach for the future of work and business, which is hybrid by design.

Adaptability is critical for businesses to be able to gain a competitive edge and thrive in the modern business environment. Adopting agile methods of operation and collaboration helps businesses to surface innovation, empower employees and connect with customers.

More businesses are realising this and as our customers’ needs evolve, we are here to deliver end-to-end lifecycle solutions that deliver continuous business value.

Michael Chanter, COO Logicalis Group.


Logicalis helps businesses rethink their approach to digital transformation strategy to take a hybrid approach with agility, scalability, and innovation at the core, building resilient businesses for the future. Turning change into opportunity takes vision, and as Architects of Change™, we help customers realise their digital vision by crafting, executing, and supporting their transformation efforts. A key enabler for innovation and creativity, our own agile business model allows us to adapt and evolve, much in the same way that we help our customers to adapt and evolve their own businesses, providing a blueprint for continued success.

Taking a hybrid approach that puts growth and resilience at the heart of our customers’ digital transformation journey, we use our technical expertise and business knowledge to provide lifecycle solutions and services. Aligning our customers’ digital transformation roadmap, our approach transforms businesses through technology and offers scalable results to create a blueprint for continued success.

Going forward it’s critical that businesses take the time to rethink the way they work and use this opportunity to leverage learnings and build more successful, resilient businesses that will thrive in the ever-more digital world. I urge business leaders to take this moment to assess where they are and rethink their businesses to respond to the evolving world around them, safe in the knowledge that with a trusted partner, is moment of change will deliver incredible opportunities for long-term success.

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