What should organisations look for in an SD-WAN as-a-Service provider?

Pedro Morgado, Services Business Development Manager & BU Lead, Logicalis

Global, Sep 21, 2023

Opinion article by Pedro Morgado, Services Business Development Manager & BU Lead, Logicalis. 

This article was published by Business IT Portugal

SD-WAN networking is a solution that allows organizations to connect and manage their branch offices and remote locations using software instead of hardware. With SD-WAN as-a-Service, organisations can simplify and optimise network performance, reducing costs and improve security. However, choosing an SD-WAN service provider is crucial to achieving these benefits. 

What are the main factors to consider when selecting an SD-WAN As-a-Service provider? 


Scalability is among the most important factors when choosing an SD-WAN service provider. This partner should be able to scale the SD-WAN network as the organisation grows, while also being able to offer flexible deployment options, such as on-prem, cloud-based or hybrid. In addition, you should still be able to add new locations and endpoints quickly and easily, without disrupting the network. 


The provider must ensure robust security features (such as encryption, firewalls, intrusion prevention and antivirus/malware protection) to protect the network against cyber threats. In addition, you must have a comprehensive security policy that covers all aspects of the SD-WAN network, from the underlying infrastructure to the endpoints. 


The provider must offer high availability and redundancy to ensure that the network is always up and running. This means it must have multiple data centres, network paths and failover capabilities in the event of a network outage; as well as proactive monitoring and alerting to identify and resolve network issues before they cause disruptions. 


Performance is another critical factor to consider when using SD-WAN as-a-Service. The service provider must offer a network that provides consistent, high-quality performance across all locations and applications. This means you must have a global network of points of presence and data centers strategically located to minimise latency and packet loss. In addition, it should offer application-aware routing, which allows the network to prioritise and optimise traffic based on application requirements. 

Ease of use 

The provider must offer a practical and intuitive management interface, allowing the network to be easily monitored and managed; as well as offering automated provisioning and orchestration, allowing you to quickly and easily deploy new locations and endpoints. 

And in terms of support, what should we expect from a service provider? 

We should expect proactive and reliable support, available 24×7 and through various communication channels. In addition, the provider must have a dedicated support team with knowledge and experience in SD-WAN technology. 

Why is Logicalis the ideal SD-WAN service provider for organizations? 

According to Pedro Morgado, Services BDM & BU Lead at Logicalis Portugal:

Logicalis, through its powerful digital services platform, helps customers make decisions driven by data and analytics, and provides automated workflows for greater efficiency. Adding the SD-WAN As-a-Service provisioning technology model, which includes “turnkey”, Logicalis hardware, software, professional & managed services, is like having a superpower for enterprise IT.

In that sense, Logicalis as an MSP (Managed Services Provider) revolutionises business operations in ways that simply would not be possible when relying on internal resources.” 


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