Bringing use cases to life: Logicalis creates customer specific use cases with Private 5G Labs

Global, Jul 10, 2023

Integration of use cases as well as presentation and training for new 5G solutions

Logicalis, the leading global technology service provider, is further expanding its offering in the Private 5G sector. To this end, the company is offering dedicated Private 5G Labs, which it operates together with its sister company siticom – the network infrastructure and 5G specialist acquired by Logicalis in 2021. In the dedicated premises, customers can develop and test their own use cases with Logicalis specialists. In addition, it is possible, for example, to evaluate specific end devices against different RAN solutions.

With the labs, we are able to bring use cases such as remote expert solutions or mission-critical push-to-talk applications via Private 5G to life for our customers. At various locations, our enterprise customers have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Private 5G solutions and develop a corresponding understanding",

says Stefan Gutekunst, Chief Operating Officer at Logicalis, Germany.

The company already operates labs in Weiterstadt – not far from the new Logicalis headquarters in Neu-Isenburg – and Munich; the opening of another lab in Cologne is planned for the coming weeks. The Cologne location will focus on showing customers the advantages of integrating Private 5G into existing Cisco enterprise networks. As an international player, Logicalis also maintains labs in the US and Brazil. The labs are part of Logicalis' partner onboading activities, which in addition to Cisco include, for example, Airspan, JMA, Nokia, QCT and Sunwave.

System validation for and with customers

Two types of networks are distinguished in the labs: On the one hand, development networks, which are used to pre-test new versions, component integration and continuous development of deployment, observability and virtualization solutions for Private 5G. And on the other hand, production networks for customer-facing installations, where Logicalis validates new system versions before they are deployed to customers. These networks also allow interested parties to test use cases, see deployment options, latest vendor solutions and features, or get architecture and integration support. The Private 5G Labs are also connected to the Automation Labs, which are continuously working on methods to automate latency, load and performance tests. For example, fully automated terminal tests can be carried out before software updates in customer networks.

Cisco partnership strengthened

With this commitment, Logicalis underpins its status as a Cisco Global Gold Integrator. The company is one of only a few Cisco Private 5G partners worldwide and the first partner to offer the Private 5G solution "as-a-service" in the enterprise market together with Cisco. Logicalis therefore has a clear focus on Cisco technologies in its labs: The lab in Weiterstadt, for example, houses a dedicated Private 5G network and resources exclusively for Cisco technology. Among other things, Cisco Core is used there to test how various Cisco solutions such as Cisco Umbrella, Cisco Mobility Solutions and wireless network products or Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) can be seamlessly integrated into the Private 5G network.  

Private 5G solution from a single source

Logicalis offers the Private 5G solution as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), covering all aspects from consulting and integration to operation and managed services.  

Currently, Logicalis is increasingly focusing on the development of Private 5G solutions and use cases. The company will also highlight the topic at Cisco Impact in Las Vegas in August.  

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