How can CEOs better incorporate sustainability into their decision-making?

Incorporate sustainability

Global, Dec 20, 2022

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By: Kelsey Rees, Senior Reporter at CRN/The Channel Company

2nd December, 2022

Logicalis Group chief executive Bob Bailkoski says data is a key way businesses can establish a sustainability benchmark to allow easier reductions in CO2 emissions. 

In this new video series from CRN - CEO Killer Questions - Bailkoski highlighted his three top tips to fellow CEOs on how to best integrate sustainability into their decision making.

"The first one is, everyone knows that data is the key to unlocking the answer to any decision," he said. 

"Therefore, it's really important to establish a benchmark of your own emissions data, and that way you can build into every decision and aspect that can help you to address or even reduce the CO2 footprint that you make." 

His two other pieces of advice include taking on the issue as a CEO by setting an example and, building something into a company's incentive package on sustainability. 


You can watch the video by visiting the article on CRN.


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