Covid-19: Logicalis Business Continuity Plan

, Mar 18, 2020

Since the first cases of the coronavirus appeared on the world stage, we’ve been monitoring the spread of the disease worldwide and proactively implementing procedures to minimize the effects to our employees, customers, partners and the society at large.  We’re truly grateful to healthcare workers around the world, who’ve shown incredible selflessness while they’ve been working tirelessly to care for those in need.

Like you, our number one focus is the health and well-being of our employees.  Consequently, we’ve taken the following actions over recent weeks:

  • Consistent communication regarding the symptoms of the virus and prevention methods
  • Restricted all international travel
  • Cancelled attendance at internal and external events
  • Taken full advantage of virtual meetings using collaboration technology
  • Working remotely – at home and in smaller groups – where possible
  • Antimicrobial and alcohol based hand sanitizers and wipes made available throughout Logicalis’ offices

At the same time, we remain committed to delivering for our clients.  As the Architects of Change, you would expect us to be able to respond quickly to situations that could lead to disruption to our services.  We’ve had our business continuity plan in place for a long time but, of course, operating in a test environment is very different from operating when it’s the real thing.

Here’s some of the things that we’ve done to enhance our resilience:

  • Trained employees on how to react in crises
  • Communicated regularly with employees and clients to update them on the latest developments
  • Built infrastructure which is capable of supporting our employees in remote work
  • Put in place procedures to deal with short or prolonged absence of colleagues
  • Implemented disease prevention controls to delay the spread of the virus

We will continue to monitor announcements from governments and international health authorities and adapt our plans as appropriate.  We are here to support you and you can rest assured that we take that responsibility very seriously.

Stay well,
Bob Bailkoski,
CEO Logicalis Group

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