Webjet takes flight on hybrid cloud journey

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Industry: Travel

Solution: Hybrid Cloud


With over 50% market share of the online travel agency business in Australia and New Zealand, Webjet is virtually a household name. Recognising the challenge of potential complacency, Webjet’s Board wanted to focus on the customer and customer service going forwards, and it became clear that with an overwhelmed internal IT team a future forward approach with a full-overhaul of their systems was needed.


This transformation was all about IT being a core enabler to achieving competitive advantage and staying ahead of the pack. This included, complete freedom from repetitive processes for IT staff, access to everything from
anywhere at anytime, a hub and spoke data center design to consolidate services and deliver a hybrid multi-cloud environment, access to best-in-class technology, constant innovation and facilitating a use case decision capability “right tool for the right job” by balancing on-premise and cloud across the entire enterprise. While technology was the easy decision, combining the cultural and business benefits for the organization was the biggest challenge of true transformation.


  • Reduced data sprawl and improved security
  • Reduction in co-location costs dropping from $80k a month to $20k a month
  • 80% of IT staff time freed from Level 1 support duties to focus on assisting users become more productive