State Government uses AI Bot to provide 24/7 support in major IT transformation

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Industry: Public Sector

Solution: AI


The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is a government department responsible for a range of areas including health, ambulance services, families and children, and mental health in the state of Victoria, Australia. A scheduled manual IT upgrade and a number of communication challenges alongside a Windows 10 rollout project with no resource for queries, meant that DHHS were looking for a solution to
the rollout and communication challenges.


What they needed was a knowledge hub to help with Windows 10 rollout questions. The vision was to create a knowledge base in the form of a bot that users could pose questions to which would self-learn and replace the need for a helpdesk. In two weeks Logicalis and Microsoft were able to create an AI bot named Evolve (Evie for short). Not only is Evie self-learning but if she doesn’t have the answer immediately, an instant message would go to the project team for their expertise and then that knowledge piece will be added to the repository for future reference, eventually there
shouldn’t be a question that hasn’t been already asked.


  • Innovative integrated solution which lives on Yammer, DHHS’ collaboration platform, and fully integrates with Teams and SharePoint.
  • Increased user adoption for the Windows 10 rollout with users able to ask ‘silly’ questions to Evie without feeling self-conscious.
  • Clear cost saving using AI rather than helpdesk support with the added benefit of 24/7 responses and freeing up the team to work on other projects.