Plan Ceibal

Uruguay is the first country that faced the challenge of giving each child and teacher in the public education system, a laptop and connectivity to use in education.

Plan Ceibal (Plan de Conectividad Educativa de Informática Básica para el Aprendizaje en Línea) is the name of this unique program. Its goal is to promote social inclusion through the provision of connectivity, which enables for more and better access to education and culture.  

Plan Ceibal has now introduced a new technological innovation in the public school system: English language courses for children and school teachers through a videoconference solution. Logicalis was selected as Ceibal’s ICT solution provider.


The proposed solution includes the creation of multimedia classrooms in all urban public schools, and teaching points located both in Uruguay and other countries. There is also a central site for call-control and solution administration. Logicalis chose a Cisco solution for the video, network and security to support the project’s final requirement of growing up to 1,350 multimedia classrooms and 25 teaching points. 


The implemented solution will allow distance learning courses for students and local teachers, reducing English experienced teachers’ commute from the city to different schools in the countryside, as well as increasing the coverage of English teaching in the public system, incorporating English teachers from other countries.  In addition, it will allow all schools to offer training and interact with students and teachers from all over the world that have the same videoconferencing/Telepresence functionality.