A private bank starts working from home with Windows Virtual Desktop

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Industry: Finance

Solution: Public Cloud


Donner & Reuschel’s core business is upscale private banking. Already in the process of rolling
out Microsoft 365 and migrating servers to the cloud, part of this shift was from Citrix to Windows Virtual Desktop. The shift to Windows Virtual Desktop was necessitated by the major
performance problems with the Citrix solution that plagued the team. At the same time, Donner & Reuschel was itself experiencing a variety of problems due to the weak performance of its servers and the resulting lack of agility.


Since Donner & Reuschel were already using Microsoft technologies, the company had no problem combining Windows Virtual Desktop into the overall architecture. They were able to provide individual clients for simple and secure systems access for employees. With each client tailored to the needs of its user group (both internal and
external), every user could continue to work without difficulty when updates were installed. As a financial services provider, they also need to adhere to strict security protocols, all of which were strengthened with the move to the Microsoft environment.


  • Enhanced flexibility meaning that customer services can be designed more efficiently and to be more adaptable in the future.
  • Workspaces available to external employees with secure, guaranteed access to its systems.
  • Minimised operating costs for the company’s internal IT department while maintaining its customary high IT security standards.