ESW tailors Security with Azure Sentinel

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Industry: Financial services

Solution: Security

Global eCommerce platform ESW (eShopWorld) sought a cloud security strategy that would live up to the payment card industry’s strict compliance and governance standards. ESW partnered with Logicalis Ireland to pursue a solution that would support the modernisation of their technology and ensure adherence to PCI compliance and governance requirements. Through a three phased onboarding approach, Logicalis implemented a solution that rapidly captured anomalies and detected threats. With its PCI service transitioned to Secure OnMesh, ESW looks forward to expanding Sentinel’s show-stopping security measures throughout its business.


Since 2010, ESW has envisioned a branded, global eCommerce ecosystem to empower the world’s most loved brands and make global shopping safer, simpler, and faster. From fraud protection to delivery and returns, ESW’s powerful combination of technology and human ingenuity delivers quick-to market, asset-light solutions for brands to create localized, direct consumer relationships across 200 markets in as few as six weeks.

Security is a top priority in all aspects of ESW’s operations, including information security, data protection, IT change management, audit, and compliance. In today’s retail climate, cybersecurity is at the forefront of the information security strategy. This is why one of ESW’s most critical business operations is meeting the Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance and governance standards.

ESW is a cloud-native company and needed a SIEM and SOAR service that could cater to the dynamic and flexible elements of the environment. After a previous attempt to use Microsoft Sentinel, ESW transitioned to a traditional SIEM.


ESW engaged with Logicalis Ireland, a leading Microsoft partner and an Azure Expert MSP, to seek a solution that would support the modernisation of their technology and ensure adherence to PCI compliance and governance requirements.

Early in their engagement, Logicalis Ireland took interim operational management of the existing SIEM and created a plan for ESW to revisit Sentinel, this time through the partnership, guidance, and support of Logicalis through its Cloud Hosted Managed Service, Secure OnMesh. Logicalis led the customer through each step of the transition process using their lifecycle services model (align, transform, scale).

In addition to the previous SIEM, the Secure OnMesh solution had to consider ESW’s cost restraints, protection needs, internal skillsets, operating hours, and compatibility with existing day-to-day technology and environments. To tailor this solution, Logicalis Ireland worked with ESW to complete a series of workshops to align on defining the structure and design of the Secure OnMesh Sentinel managed service. 


As a result of using the Secure OnMesh managed service, ESW has been able to augment their security team and extend the services they provide their business and related customers without investing heavily upfront. ESW gets the continued enhancements and benefits from the critical technologies integrated into the Secure OnMesh managed service offering as they are released.

In addition, the service is flexible, allowing ESW to move up and down on their commercial commitment in line with the broader operational expense model already in place with Azure. ESW is now in the process of extending the service across their wider production environment and the Microsoft 365 environment. ESW and its customers are safe knowing that the Secure OnMesh service will constantly work to detect and uncover threats with Microsoft’s unparalleled threat intelligence and the rapid response from the Logicalis team.