Logicalis commissions white paper study into BYOD

London, 28 November 2012 – Aspiring employees in high-growth markets are embracing the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) phenomenon and the benefits of enterprise mobility in greater numbers than those in mature markets, finds Ovum in research commissioned by international IT solutions and managed services provider, Logicalis. Driving this trend is the predisposition of professionals in high-growth markets to “live to work” and the lower rate of corporate provision of mobile handsets and tablets.

As part of the largest study1 ever conducted into employee BYOD behaviour and attitudes, a new paper2 from Ovum reveals that across 17 markets3, 57.1 per cent of full-time employees engage in some form of BYOD. Yet, when broken down by market, there is a clear trend: 75 per cent of respondents in the emerging, “high-growth” markets (including Brazil, Russia, India, UAE, and Malaysia) demonstrate a much higher propensity to use their own devices at work, compared to 44 per cent in more mature markets. Logicalis works across 20 countries to support organisations that are allowing and/or encouraging their employees to work with their own laptops, phones and tablet computers. The business technology provider has seen the demand grow worldwide for guidance on security, software licencing, technical support and big data compliance because of the BYOD trend. Clients across the emerging markets are embracing BYOD, often as a result of employee pressure. 

Ovum’s research suggests that employees in high-growth markets see BYOD as a way to get ahead in their careers, with 79 percent believing that constant connectivity to work applications enables them to do their jobs better, compared to 53.5 percent in mature markets.

“Employees in high-growth, emerging economies are demonstrating a more flexible attitude to working hours, and are happy to use their own devices for work. However, in mature markets, employees have settled into comfortable patterns of working behaviour,” explains Richard Absalom, consumer impact IT analyst at Ovum. “This behaviour will shape not just future patterns of enterprise mobility in high-growth markets compared to mature markets, but also dictate which markets, structurally, are going to benefit most from this revolution in how and where we work.”

Chris Gabriel, VP of Solutions Management at Logicalis Group suggests it’s only a matter of time before the attitudes of those in high growth economies to BYOD are reflected in mature markets. “Like many new technology advances there can be caution at first to the risks that might be involved,” he said. “Managing risk and controlling the adoption of a new initiative is vital. Ultimately the benefit for the individual and the employer of improved connectivity is worth the effort. Many ambitious employees see BYOD as part of the secret to their success. It won’t be long before more people see the benefits and organisations will need to take note and be prepared.”

For businesses, while it’s promising to see IT departments getting to grips with, and encouraging, such BYOD, Ovum warns that too much BYOD activity is going unmanaged. Of those respondents who bring their own devices to work, 17.7 percent claim that their employer’s IT department does not know, while a further 28.4 percent of respondents’ IT departments actively ignore it is happening.

“Unmanaged BYOD creates a great data security risk, and the implications of losing sensitive data via a personally owned device can be dire from financial, reputational and legal perspectives. Every business must understand the behaviour of its own employees, which, as we have seen, is likely to be influenced by its location, and manage it according to its risk profile,” concludes Absalom.

1  Multi-market BYOD Survey Results: Employee Behaviour and Attitudes Toward Mobile Device Usage at Work, (Oct 2012) and Multi market BYOD Survey Results: The BYOD Management Gap, (Oct 2012)

2  Commissioned by Logicalis: “BYOD: an emerging market trend in more ways than one.”

3  Ovum’s multi-market BYOD survey gathered responses from 3,796 consumers across 17 different countries; Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, UK, US.

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