Toby Alcock

Chief Technology Officer

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Toby Alcock, CTO

Toby thrives on understanding Logicalis' customers digital transformation challenges and helping them to create a blueprint for repeatable and sustainable change. He is a highly experienced digital transformation enabler, with a focus on setting Logicalis’ global solution strategy.

As Chief Technology Officer at Logicalis he is responsible for the four key architectures of Cloud, Digital Workplace, Security and Connectivity, and strives to deliver technology solutions that drive sustainable business outcomes.

During his time as CTO, Toby has been instrumental in positioning Logicalis as Architects of Change by:

  • Helping customers create a blueprint for success
  • Delivering global technology transformation strategies that deliver economies of scale
  • Focusing on ensuring a consistent experience for customers

Toby also leads the global solution technology advisory council for Logicalis,  bringing together the best technology minds across the group to develop innovative customer-centric solutions.

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Strong digital foundations are the key to enterprise agility

Hybrid working, an increase in cyber-attacks and a focus on sustainability have caused businesses to confront a big decision: transition into a digital-first business or face being left behind by the competition.

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What steps can managed IT service providers (MSPs) take to provide their customers with sustainability and carbon monitoring services?

Re think Intelligent Connectivity

Toby discusses the next generation of connectivity solutions which present endless possibilities on a global scale, opening new paths for innovation, optimisation and sustainable business outcomes.

Re think secure connectivity

The modern world of remote work places means security is far broader than ever before.

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Re think scalable connectivity

As leaders how can you scale your connectivity in response to the fast-paced shifts in the economic landscape?

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In this CIO Summit panel session, Toby asks what technologies are leading CIOs implementing to optimise their operations towards carbon reduction while maintaining business focus.

CIO report: Toby's insights

Watch as Toby unpacks the key findings highlighted in the report and identifies the top priorities and challenges facing CIOs at the moment.

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