Secure Connectivity

With the growth of IOT, 5G, and edge computing, robust secure networks are critical to every business.

Talk to us about the Logicalis Secure Connectivity portfolio, and how we can help you protect your organisation.

Industry challenges

The vast majority of corporate networks can be easily breached with advanced software hacking tools.
Of businesses identify connectivity infrastructure as a barrier to progress.
Of breach victims said they were breached due to an unpatched known vulnerability where the patch was not applied.

Source: ServiceNow | First Guide | Logicalis CIO Report

Why Secure Connectivity?

The next generation of connectivity solutions presents endless possibilities on a global scale, opening new paths for innovation, optimisation, and sustainable business outcomes.

The highway to your data

In today's digital-first world, your IT network serves as the data highway, connecting critical data across the entire organisation. So it's no surprise your network is also a prime target for cyber threats.

When you work with Logicalis our teams will help you identify potential breach points and vulnerabilities, giving you a sharper visibility of the measures and technology needed to secure your network from an attack.

Security from edge-to-edge

With the increase in remote working, public access, and connected devices, the threat surface across many networks has expanded significantly.

Firewalls alone are no longer sufficient to protect against cyber threats. We all now require comprehensive security solutions that cover our entire network, from the core to the edge. Talk to us about our suite of advanced services (including SASE, SSE, ACI) to address these challenges.

Move fast. Stay secure.

Is your network enabling you to operate and change at speed? Working together, we can scale up your network to accommodate growth and new business requirements. We will always build robust security capabilities into the very fabric of your network to safeguard your critical data and applications.
And when you choose Logicalis to design and manage your network, you are also in poll position to capitalise on emerging technologies such as AI.

Microsoft MXDR status

Benefits of Secure Connectivity from Logicalis

Unparalleled expertise and global reach

At Logicalis, our 7,000 Architects of Change operate across 30 territories worldwide. With a proven track record, we empower over 10,000 clients across diverse industry sectors to achieve sustainable outcomes through cutting-edge technology solutions.

Partner with us to elevate your organisation’s security posture and drive meaningful results.

Global expertise, local Impact

At Logicalis, our skilled professionals span the globe, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience. Whether it’s delivering training or conducting assessments, we combine global insights with a personalised touch.

Trust us to understand your unique needs and provide tailored solutions that make a local impact.

Highly certified

With 130+ Cisco certified network experts and a range of global Cisco powered solutions, Logicalis is trusted around the world to deliver expertise our customers can rely on.

Industry specialists

Our 7,000 employees have expertise in transformation across industries as diverse as financial services, banking, healthcare, government, manufacturing ​and more​.

Ensure coverage through our Intelligent Security blueprint

The Logicalis Intelligent Security Blueprint offers comprehensive guidance for navigating today's complex security landscape. 

By integrating security across an organization's infrastructure, from network to data and identity, Logicalis ensures a cohesive and robust defence strategy. The blueprint covers essential pillars, including Advisory for GRC consultancy, Secure Workplace for safeguarding communications and devices, Secure Connectivity for protecting the network, Secure Hybrid Cloud for managing data across environments, and Secure Operations for SOC services. 

With Logicalis as a strategic security partner, organisations gain the tools and expertise needed to protect their business, assets, and customers effectively.

Our Secure Connectivity services


With SD-WAN connectivity, you can simplify and optimise network performance, reduce costs, and improve security, allowing you to scale and expand as your business grows.

See our SD-WAN solutions



Connect your workforce, protect your network, and meet multi-cloud demands at scale with secure connectivity.

See our SSE solutions


Our managed SASE solution enables organisations to scale their business effectively and establish secure connectivity for their hybrid dispersed workforce.

See our SASE solutions


Deliver secure access for all users, devices, and locations across your applications and digital environment. Create a resilient network that provides enhanced security to safeguard your organisation’s data and resources.

See our SD-Access solutions

ACI Data Centre

In a hybrid and multi-cloud world, Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) provides seamless connectivity that scales across any workload and any location. From the datacentre to the cloud, you can simplify, secure, and automate network operations.

See our ACI Data Centre solutions

Private 5G

With Private 5G, organisations can scale to drive efficiency and automation delivering customised use cases to meet their industry challenges. Unlock innovation and competitive advantage at scale with Private 5G.

See our Private 5G solutions

Managed firewalls

We provide a fully managed firewall service that configures, maintains, and monitors the firewall for your organisation. If you are looking to protect the network from cyberthreats, a managed firewall will help defend your data.

Customer success story

car assembly line

Global automotive manufacturer: A Logicalis Intelligent Security success story

Our comprehensive managed Secure Connectivity solution boosts network efficiency, safeguards security, and elevates user experience for our global automotive manufacturing customer. All seamlessly optimised through our award winning Digital Fabric Platform.

Read the full solution

Our partners

We work with leading global partners to deliver our Secure Connectivity services and solutions.

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