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Rodrigo Parreira - CEO LATAM

Rodrigo began his corporate career at McKinsey & Co as a consultant focused in the telecommunications industry. He then worked for Cluster Consulting, where he led projects in the areas of IT and telecommunications in several European countries.

In 2000, he joined Promon Group, where he was responsible for communications solutions and mobile data in Promon IP. Subsequently, he served as business director development at Promon Engineering, responsible for projects in the energy sector. In 2005, he was appointed executive director of technology and, in 2008, executive director of PromonLogicalis.

In March 2009, Parreira was appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Logicalis Southern Cone, a position he held for a year and whose responsibility was the total restructuring of the regional business strategy, seeking synergies and international opportunities, beyond redesign the technological offerings and identify opportunities, best practices and processes in Latin America countries. In 2010, he took over as CEO of Logicalis Southern Cone.

Since March 2012, he's held the position of CEO of Logicalis Latin America. His main responsibilities are to continue growing, expanding regional integration and lead opportunities in Latin America.

Rodrigo graduated in Physics and Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of São Paulo, Rodrigo Parreira started his academic career as a researcher and professor at Princeton University, in the United States, one of the eight Ivy League Universities.

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