Corporate Social Responsibility

Supporting education to empower Architects of Change across the world 

At Logicalis, we want to drive positive change for our customers, employees and society. We believe that through education we can empower people, increase their access to meaningful employment and help to build a better world.  

Operating across 26 countries, our Architects of Change are committed to improving the quality of life for the local communities we operate in through education initiatives. Our strategy focuses on: 

Supporting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds 

By assisting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, we hope to raise aspirations and provide educational support. With a particular focus on STEM, Logicalis looks to guide them on a pathway towards a successful career.   

Challenging inequalities and increasing diversity in the industry  

In particular looking to assist women and minority groups, this initiative looks to provide increased access to education for individuals who would have not previously been given opportunities will help to increase diversity in the technology industry. 

Supporting individuals who are looking to re-train in growing areas of the technology industry 

Logicalis looks to identify and facilitate the re-training of adults from declining industries, in emerging and growth areas of technology.   

This year saw a significant increase in employee participation in activities that make a real difference, with Logicalis supporting a range of community and environmental initiatives. Here are just a few examples: 

Supporting academic education 

In South Africa, we invested heavily in supporting those in need with bursaries and learnerships. Across the last financial year alone, we supported 47 individuals with bursaries, totalling in excess of £57,000 and 39 individuals with learnerships totally in excess of £68,000.  

Supporting education through the Datatec Foundation 

Logicalis parent company Datatec, operates the Datatec Foundation. The Foundation supports a wide range of education-related projects on behalf of its entire Group. Over 2019/20 the Foundation has supported: 

Supporting innovation in sustainability 

Our Latin American offices partnered with BlockC to create an innovative blockchain-based platform to support companies in neutralising their greenhouse gas emissions in their production processes.  

Through this technology, organisations can neutralise their carbon footprint resulting from their consumption of electricity through Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). The blockchain-based solution ensures traceability, security, transparency and auditability of all transactions carried out through it.