Richard Simmons

VP Strategic Alliances

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Richard Simmons - VP Strategic Alliances

With a career spanning 25+ years, Richard has extensive experience in the technology sector and a proven track record in delivering successful outcomes for customers through technology partners, most recently demonstrated in his leadership of the Private 5G launch with Cisco and Logicalis.

In his position as VP Strategic Alliances, Richard is responsible for driving strategic and profitable growth alongside our strategic partners Cisco and Microsoft.

Richard's related insights

Logicalis's Intelligent Connectivity solution now Powered by Cisco

Logicalis achieves the Cisco Powered validated service for Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and SD-WAN status meaning we are the only global gold partner that can deliver a managed SASE service to customers anywhere in the world!

Rethink connectivity to create productivity and scalability

Next-gen wireless technologies like 5G and WiFi 6 are crucial for hybrid work, offering faster speeds, greater capacity, and reduced congestion, enhancing employee flexibility and enabling potential business transformation.

The connected workplace is not just for offices

The first stage of transformation in any industry is one of imitation; we use technology to mirror workflows that already exist, but businesses need to rethink the way business process and workflows are linked together.

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