Markus Erb

VP Services

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Markus Erb, VP Services

Markus is an accomplished client services expert with a wealth of experience in developing strategies and operations which enable optimised client servicing.

As the Group VP of Services at Logicalis, his mission is to drive alignment and innovation. He plays a pivotal role in aligning managed services with the four key architectures of Cloud, Digital Workplace, Security and Connectivity.

In his position as Group VP of Services, Markus has been instrumental in helping Logicalis’ customer base to succeed in a digital-first world by:

  • Transforming Logicalis into an agile organisation that delivers scale and innovation
  • Developing a truly global approach to managed services
  • Designing an industry-leading strategy for the delivery of products and services

Markus has considerable international expertise, having worked with leading IT companies including EDS and HP and delivered projects for some of Europe’s highest profile organisations in a range of vertical markets, including Deutsche Bank, Rolls Royce and ABN AMRO.

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