Global CIO Summit

The Future Face of Tech Leadership

Emerging technologies and their impact on the CIO role

Logicalis CIO Summit 2024 – coming to a city near you!

In 2024, the Logicalis CIO Summit hits the road, for the first time! Our expert Architects of Change are coming to a city near you. From London to Lisbon, Sydney to Hong Kong and many other cities worldwide!

To celebrate the 10-year edition of our CIO report, the theme for our global CIO Summit is exploring The Future Face of Tech Leadership and we’ll discuss how the role of the CIO has evolved, as well as the impact of emerging technologies to meet their changing needs.

We’ll discuss how the future facing tech leader must learn to:


  • Gain absolute clarity on strategic organisational priorities and acquiring/maintaining the skills and visibility required to deliver the impact.
  • Harness emerging technologies such as AI and P5G and their role in the 4th industrial revolution, managing the duality of risk and reward for the CIO in delivering digital-first experiences for customers and employees.  
  • Navigate the next era of security, requiring unprecedented levels of hypervigilance and risk management.  
  • Deliver sustainable IT for future generations. Becoming an informed, considered leader, decisive in the balance between profit and purpose in delivering sustainable IT for future generations.

Watch the highlights from the CIO Summit in Hong Kong

The first CIO Summit of 2024, kicked-off in Hong Kong in March. Guests enjoyed an evening of fruitful discussions around key findings from the 2024 Logicalis CIO report, our AI-powered Digital Fabric Platform and its role in ESG strategies, unlocking new approaches to Security and more.

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Coming to a city near you

CIO Summit, Frankfurt region, Germany

September 13, 2024
Lindner Hotel Wiesensee

CIO Summit Sydney, Australia

October 22nd 2024
Ace Hotel
47-53 Wentworth Ave

CIO Summit Melbourne, Australia

October 24th 2024
Sofitel Melbourne on Collins
25 Collins Street

CIO Summit Lisbon, Portugal

Date tbc

CIO Summit Sao Paulo, Brazil

Date to be confirmed.

CIO Summit Spain

Date to be confirmed

CIO Summit Hong Kong

This event has now finished

CIO Summit London, UK

This event has now finished

What's on the agenda?

Keynote speech

Robert Bailkoski, CEO Logicalis: The future facing CIO – a new kind of tech leader.


Global CIO panel

Join our panel of experts as they share insights, present transformational use cases, and talk about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the coming year.

Delivering on sustainable IT commitments

With sustainability ascending strategic agendas, how are CIOs embracing their emerging role as enablers for environmental progress?

Leading the Secure enterprise

With an exponential rise of cyber security threats, today’s CIO can’t afford to be any less than hypervigilant, so how are tech leaders not only keeping up but staying ahead?

Harnessing Intelligent Connectivity and Private 5G to power our evolving world 

Discover how tech leaders are harnessing next generation connectivity to revolutionise the way we connect and interact with the world around us.

The CIO hierarchy of needs

Meeting the needs of future facing tech leaders with the next generation digital managed services.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Spots are limited and reserved for CIOs and Senior IT leaders, so please save the date and we’ll confirm attendance.

    These events provide a platform for CIOs to exchange ideas, validate strategies, and find solutions to the unique challenges faced by organisations in today's ever-changing global landscape.

    The events will follow a similar format, but guest speakers and CIO panel members will vary from city to city. When you register for your local event we will confirm agenda and key speakers 6 weeks in advance.

    Watch the highlights from last year's CIO Summit

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