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Anthony Woodward - CEO Australia

For more than 28 years, Anthony has built, scaled and run technology companies in the internet and cloud services space. By helping businesses to understand how to use technology to advance strategic objectives and enable performance, he has converted game-changing market opportunities into leading businesses as a CEO, Executive Director and Entrepreneur. 

Leveraging access technologies to create Zip World in 1995, the market-leading retail and wholesale provider was sold to NASDAQ listed Pacific Internet (now part of Telstra) in 1999. He then founded Bulletproof, which he grew to be the leading end-to-end Cloud Services provider in ANZ, took public through a listing on the ASX in 2014, and led a rapid growth trajectory to c.$50m revenues in FY17 before its acquisition by AC3 in 2018.

After forming and running a small consulting practice focused on Digital Transformation in 2019, in July 2021 Anthony joined Logicalis Australia, part of the global IT Services company Logicalis Group, headquartered in the U.K and present in over 30 territories, with over 7,500 employees worldwide.

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It was a great opportunity to connect with people who are playing an important role in driving technology policy and innovation in Australia. How exciting to take part in conversations about Australia’s technology driven future, what is on the horizon, and what challenges businesses face today.

Watch the quick intro and thought leadership presented by Australia CEO, Anthony Woodward.

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