Digital Fabric Platform OnDemand demo

Take a self-guided tour of our award-winning digital fabric platform and new user interface, to see the next generation digital managed services in action.

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High level overview of the platform and user interface

Our CTO Toby Alcock will take you on a quick tour of the Digital Fabric Platform home page with this brief demo, offering immediate insights into the health of your environment. 

You will discover: 

  • An uncomplicated overview of your Digital Fabric Score
  • A breakdown of the score into specific actionable areas
  • Clear visibility into areas operating smoothly and those requiring immediate attention. 

Tune in for a streamlined understanding of your digital landscape's health. 

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Reliability score

Toby now highlights the real time score showing the uptime and availability of your digital fabric environment. 

Ensure your services continuously deliver reliable and optimum performance with assurance that they are architected and maintained with suitable recoverability and protection from system failures, natural disasters or malicious attacks.

  • Real-time monitoring of capacity issues proactively prevents service disruptions
  • Predictive analytics provides a reliable, consistent and productive end user operating environment
  • Visibility into traffic utilisation provides actionable insights on application usage and connectivity
  • Continuous monitoring of systems prevents malicious attacks that impact availability of key business services 
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Security and Compliance score

Toby highlights how the Security and Compliance score in Digital Fabric Platform helps you quickly understand if people are protected against threats, data is secure, systems are up to date, under warranty and compliant. 

  • Automated procedures enable you to identify and resolve policy violations
  • Identify and plug cyber security holes by patching and updating business critical systems and services
  • Configure systems to ensure they are compliant and remain secure for current business demands
  • Future-proof your business with visibility into your compliance state across multiple architectures and solutions 
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Economics score

Toby shares the economics score which allows customers to see quickly if they are getting maximum value from technology platforms.

Take back control of spending with ongoing assessments and maintenance of digital systems to extract maximum value from our solutions and technologies.

  • Monitor spending so the environment never costs more than it needs to
  • Harness ongoing recommendations to increase adoption and remove services no longer needed
  • Utilise automations to programmatically improve responsiveness and reduce delays
  • Combine AI, ML and agile DevOps to prevent disruptions to business critical systems 
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User Experience score

Watch Toby demonstrate how customers on the digital fabric platform can continually optimise and enhance user experience by improving responsiveness, usability and productivity, governed by principles of security, trust and protection. 

Track the user experience score over time to measure progress and demonstrate how you measure up against similar organisations.

  • Simulate and synthesise user transactions and interactions to identify barriers to suer experience
  • Generate predictive analysis of your digital systems, allowing for proactive experience improvement
  • Simplify, standardise and automate common user experience journey
  • Future-proof your business with visibility into your compliance state across multiple architectures and solutions 
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Environment score

Toby demonstrates the precise impact of the carbon footprint in your environment via the Digital Fabric Platform, with an approach that allows you to digitalise and dematerialise your core IT solutions.  

Harness our environmental insights to gain recommendations on your sustainability initiatives and how you compare to other similar organisations. 

  • Harness recommendations to measurably cut greenhouse gas emissions, minimise waste, and/or reduce energy density
  • Gain real-time monitoring of power and capacity utilisation to identify energy density
  • Utilise simple, secure, and sustainable take back and reuse programs to ensure responsible disposition of equipment  
  • Collaborate with leading suppliers, partners and vendors to innovate remote access solutions and moderns digital systems 
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Knowledge base

In this demo, Toby introduces our knowledge base section within the Digital Fabric Platform, which serves as an encyclopaedia, providing comprehensive insights as to how Digital Fabric scores are calculated.

  • Gain an understanding of the various types of data we collect to measure scores and, just as crucially, the data we don't collect. 
  • Explore the concept of weighted scoring, to understand how we determine which recommendations should be prioritised for the most significant impact.  
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We trust that you have found these demos on the Digital Fabric Platform to be valuable and informative. We would be more than happy to arrange a personalised demonstration that highlights the capabilities of our Digital Fabric Platform and how it can empower your business.

If you’re interested in furthering your knowledge, please reach out to us by completing the contact form provided below.  

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