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Assessment Services

To ensure your environment is performing to its best capacity, this service will assess and audit your existing infrastructure and make appropriate technical, operational, security and compliance recommendations needed to deliver against the defined strategy.

We deliver a range of audits, security and asset reviews and optimisation services that spans our technology areas – Data Centre, Communications and Collaboration, Mobility, Data & Information Management.

The business benefits

  • Ensure your environment is operating at optimal efficiency
  • Facilitate new deployments and upgrades
  • Detect performance and technology issues
  • Prioritise steps for implementation and/or migration
The importance of Assessment Services

The importance of Assessment Services

Can you afford to leave the health of your business and IT infrastructure to chance?

A comprehensive audit of your business infrastructure is the most efficient way of assessing the extent to which every aspect of your IT operations and processes are fit for purpose.

An audit evaluates your IT infrastructure and its current capabilities. It’s a thorough review of factors that could be having an impact upon the performance of your IT and your entire business.

The outcome of your audit would typically cover the following:

Each of the above assessment elements is extremely important. They will help you ensure that your IT infrastructure improves productivity and reduces any risks to your business.

Why take a risk on the health of your businesses?  Work with Logicalis to improve and protect your infrastructure

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