Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is a model for the delivery and consumption of IT Services. It has gained considerable currency as an efficient way of purchasing and using IT services with a predictable cost.

Cloud services offer an alternative to owning and operating some or all of your own IT services. There are a number of cloud models available, offering different types of services. Cloud computing models fall into four categories: 

Public cloud solutions are typically internet based services that enable on-demand or utility based user access to computing, storage and software applications. The applications are securely hosted on remote data centres, rather than on site – many organisations may use the same base applications though they are customised at the point of delivery, whilst application data is not shared and remains private. Some cloud service providers offer access to public cloud services via secure private connections, rather than the Internet, thereby providing a higher level of service to business customers.

Private cloud solutions are dedicated services (not shared as with pubic cloud services) located either within data centres inside the user organisations, or dedicated resource and space within a cloud provider’s data centre. Private clouds deliver virtualisation and service automation efficiencies, but for a specific customer organisation.

Community clouds are private cloud services that are shared between several organisations, usually drawn from a specific community or sharing common concerns, such as academic research, or public service provision. As with public clouds, community clouds are multi-tenant (applications, but not data, are shared by user organisations).

Hybrid cloud solutions provide a combination of some or all of the attributes of public, private and community clouds, enabling additional flexibility for organisations looking for enhanced Disaster Recovery, access to resource for shorter periods of time for applications that experience seasonal bursts, or for non-production services, such as Test and Development.

The following glossary of terms will teach you more about cloud computing and help define cloud computing in easy to digest terminology. 

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