You, the "cloud" and Logicalis

The cloud is, by definition, a shifting concept. Different people or organisations have different perspectives on the cloud—some technical, some business-related, some service oriented. We combine all three perspectives to take a holistic view of the cloud and how it can be used to help you.

Logicalis Optimal Services span the complete enterprise platform lifecycle, from traditional maintenance and monitoring services through to advanced private cloud platform management. 

We have expertise in the underlying technologies that power the cloud, in realising the business opportunities the cloud creates, and in providing the service and delivery models that give you access to the cloud. We have invested considerably in our own expertise and resources for the cloud: it means we are ideally placed to help you define, plan and implement the cloud strategy that will best benefit your business. 

Cloud basics

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The business benefits

  • Allow for burst capacity / peak demands
  • Pay only for what you need
  • Shorten time to deliver projects
  • Improve service
  • Manage staff resources

Our services


Logicalis Global CIO Report 2015 - The Shadow IT Phenomenon

This report details key findings from the third annual Logicalis Global CIO Survey, which seeks to assess the changing role of CIOs and IT departments as businesses worldwide increasingly view technology as a business enabler, rather than an essential cost centre.

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What our customers say

More case studies

API Healthcare

It was a great fit for us organizationally. Logicalis has been everything we thought a cloud provider should be—and more. They’ve been so willing to work with us every step of the way. It’s a great relationship. Logicalis is a true partner.
Jon Hardenbrook, Technical Product Manager, API Healthcare
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Health Care DataWorks

If something goes wrong[,] somebody has to go out and touch it. Logicalis does this for us. They let us focus on what we’re good at, and they take care of all the rest.
Mike Ostrander, Chief Technology Officer, Health Care DataWorks
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Total Safety

With all the support we get from Logicalis...I really don’t have to touch it that much.
Kevin Croteau, Total Safety
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