Private Cloud Solutions

As a leading system integrator, managed service provider, and managed hosting provider, we can build any size of bespoke private cloud solutions you might require, or we can deliver a readymade cloud solution to your site.

Our strategic data centre services can help you get the level of service you require from the cloud. Our experienced, certified consultants and engineers know how to help you realise the goals of lower costs—and higher revenue—by improving the levels of service throughout your IT environment.

We design, build, host and manage private cloud solutions

Logicalis offers a unique portfolio of private cloud solutions and services, and our experience gives us insight that we bring to bear in all new customer solution engagements.

Logicalis cloud solutions are:

Our multi-vendor capabilities mean our consultants are unbiased and our advanced capabilities with private cloud computing let us work in the short, medium and long-term: it all adds up to a strategic virtualisation and cloud partnership between us and our customers.

Logicalis Optimal Services span the complete enterprise platform lifecycle, from traditional maintenance and monitoring services through to advanced private cloud platform management.

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