Converged Infrastructure

As data centres continue to face the demand for more capacity and services at reduced cost, convergence provides some of the answers. 

A converged infrastructure uses only those parts of compute and storage elements that are actually needed, meaning hardware is used more efficiently. Power and cooling costs are correspondingly lower, and centralisation reduces management cost. Convergence creates a data centre infrastructure that is minutely tailored to business requirements.

The flexibility that drives this level of personalisation is provided technically by virtualisation, automation and orchestration.

But the technical aspect is only part of the story: to plan, manage and implement the solution that exactly suits your requirements takes a vast amount of expertise and experience matching technical solutions to business requirements.

Logicalis consultants are some of the best-placed in the industry to give you that level of guidance. Because we are vendor-agnostic, we can make sure that our technical decisions are based on business outcomes for you.


Virtualisation—or, in plain language, creating a simulated hardware or software platform from existing data centre components—allows you to consolidate your usage of servers, storage, networks, security, and management tools.

Whatever your platform or management software, we can help you save money, space, and time through discrete or strategic virtualisation, using the latest technologies from leading vendors.

Our architects and pre-sales consultants help from the beginning stages of a consolidation and virtualisation project right through to design and delivery. We provide guidance on:

Focusing on the business not the technology, we can give you a detailed analysis of the financial implications of different virtualisation solutions, including financial modelling to establish the return on investment (ROI), total cost of ownership (TCO), net present value (NPV), and other calculations favoured by CFOs. 


Automation simplifies your operations, helping you understand and control the status of your infrastructure (using a vendor-independent toolset). It can also lead to lower energy consumption and better green credentials of your operation.

We have integrated a range of tools to support streamlined operations and solve some key IT operational issues, including: 

Key components of the Service Automation offering are:

Next Generation Infrastructure Management – with the ability to provide detailed insight into the status of the infrastructure and the data flows through it, including all network and server devices and key aspects of the data storage solution.

Agile Cloud Automation – the service infrastructure monitoring and control systems that enable a cloud computing solution to deliver services to end users across a range of platforms in support of all aspects of IT operations.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability – monitors all energy use in an IT infrastructure and allows for this to be reported and optimised.

These components are based on mainstream products sourced from CA Technologies and other key vendors and are integrated onto your existing or future infrastructures by our skilled team backed by expert vendor support.


When data centre tasks are automated they become much more flexible. Orchestration allows you to combine, manage and scale automated computing activities according to your own requirements.

Orchestration frees you to think about what you want your data centre to do for you, rather than worrying about its limitations.

The end result of all this sounds simple—but it can only be achieved with the application of a great deal of experience and knowledge.

That is what Logicalis provides to help you optimise your own data centre infrastructure.