Video Conferencing Solutions

The chances are, the video conferencing capabilities now available to companies and organisations are like nothing you’ve experienced before. Gone are the days of poor video and sound quality; of dropped connections or long waits while other people sort their expensive equipment out. 

Video conferencing solutions have come of age. Affordable and reliable, Logicalis video solutions deliver the promise of bringing you and your colleagues or customers together in the same room. We have combined the availability of high-definition video and audio with a lot of thought and research about how people want to use it (not just the technical implementation).

It has led us to the creation of video conferencing solutions that range from desktop or mobile implementations, right up to complete room systems, and high-end immersive Telepresence solutions. It can all be delivered as capital expenditure or deployed as-a-service for a monthly fee.

Visit our local regional sites to see the range of options that we can deliver in the video conferencing as a service sector.